3in1 PMMA Edgebanding

Edgebanding is perceived as an indispensable part of furniture production. Designers often play around with colours of panels, designs of handles. Yet, probably, they don’t think of adding a special edgebanding that would change their concept radically. Our 3in1 edgebanding, made with PMMA or PVC resins, might be the exact product that the designers might use.

We call this product 3in1 because the edgebanding can consist of 3 different colours or designs. Though we only implement two colour products, but it is possible to do it in 3 colours also.

Below, you can see some of our creative ideas. Do you have any idea in mind? We are ready for you!

The aluminum edgebanding application is a bit different than standard PVC or melamine processing. The edgebander (machine) must be adjusted for processing / trimming the aluminum material. As the edgebanding consist of real aluminum, the trimming knives must be special; otherwise, they would be become dull quickly and destroyed the edges. Please consult with a machine specialist for more details.

3in1 Marble Design

In hotels or airports, we often encounter concepts in which a light marble is inlaid with a dark marble to create a figure or a design. Since few years, there have been many new designs with marble colours. With our 3in1 product, the furniture producer can have the exact colour on sides and in the middle, they can have a different colour of marble.

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