ABS Edgebanding

ABS Edgebanding The Ecological Solution

With the increase of world population and increase in the consumption of products, the ecological balance of our green planet is under risk. In the world of polymers, the most ecological product is ABS. With ABS, the ecological balance of our planet gets the minimum amount of pollution. As Edging Supplies, to serve our customers who want to be green, we are producing ABS edgebanding alongside with our complete range.

ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) is a chlorine-free polymer. ABS has similar properties to PVC; yet, unlike PVC, ABS may be incinerated with general waste. And when burned, it does not create hazardous pollution that damages both nature and humans. Furthermore, it is more resistant to fire.

Our vision at Edging Supplies is very clear: to supply the complete range of edgebandings. With the addition of ABS edgebanding, we and our partners are in better position to serve our customers.

Since few years, ABS has been the choice of many furniture makers in the world, especially, in Europe.

  • Our ABS edgebandings come in master rolls and then slit to the size based on the demand.
  • We manufacture uni-color, woodgrain colors, and high gloss in ABS.
  • Our thickness can change between 0.4mm and 2mm.
  • Orders for any color must be minimum ~300kg.

We like a challenge

We will match your color…

At Edging Supplies, like our other products, we must produce colours based on the needs of our customers. For this reason, we can match and produce any colour based on the samples of our customer. Please send us a sample so that we can send you a matching sample for consideration. For further discussion, please get in touch with us.

We love our world

A Better World for Future

Whatever we do, we value human life; we value the world. We have only one world; and we have to take care it to the best of our ability. To this end, at Edging Supplies, no matter what we supply, we make sure that we work in proper way, respecting the nature and the environment. ABS edgebanding is a good solution for a better world. Because the waste of ABS can be burned; it produces no hazardous emission for the air.

Production process of ABS Edgebanding

Edging Supplies ABS edgebanding is produced by calendar technology. This enables us to produce the ABS edgebanding with better calibration and consistency. Also, it makes our company more flexible as we keep all stock in master rolls of 260mm wide. After order is received from the customers, these master rolls are slit to size. Or alternatively, the material is shipped as jumbo roll and then slit by our customers to the size.

After the extrusion, ABS edgebanding is treated with a special primer which enables it to adhere to the edges of the board with hot melt adhesive. The quality of primer is utmost important. At Edging Supplies, we buy the primer only from reliable and reputable suppliers such as Jowat.

After the jumbo rolls are ready, they move to the next phase: UV PRINTING.

Similar to our other products, we are using UV printing technology. This printing technology enables us to produce top quality printing with sharp and perfect details. At Edging Supplies, we can match any color or design from any board producer.

Our UV printing system makes the product much more resistant to solvent, scratches and UV light. Please let us clarify that all edgebanding have UV top coat. Yet, only few use UV printing as it cost 4 times more than ordinary printing techniques.

After this phase, the master rolls are ready to be slit to the size (or alternatively, they can be dispatched as master roll).

To find out more about our manufacturer of the ABS Edgebanding please feel free to contact us or visit our blog for more detail on techniques or sustainability

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