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All The Benefits Of Egger Edge Banding (And How To Choose The Best)

Known for their cutting edge materials and on-trend decors, Egger are a big player in the world of laminate and melamine boards. Used for furniture, worktops, doors and floors, you can find their products in homes, retail, hospitality, leisure and a range of settings worldwide.

Since its foundation in 1961 in Austria, Egger has become a global company, but it’s still run by the Egger family. Everything at Egger revolves around wood – they love the stuff and the warmth and natural feel it brings into their interior decors.

They also love its sustainability, and Egger is big on responsible forestry and making sure their boards come from sustainable sources. They even run a whole division for timber harvesting and forest management services.

Whether you’re looking for sleek and modern, chunky timber or elegant marble, you’ll find a great choice of boards from Egger. Their material ranges are incredibly realistic in look and feel, so if you’re after the impact of real wood, stone or tile but want the convenience and hygiene of laminate, these are the go-to guys.

If you’re using Egger boards and need a seamless finish with perfectly matched edge banding, head on over to our online stock list.

To discover all the benefits of Egger edge banding and boards read on…

Egger Worktops

When it comes to kitchen worktops, Egger is a stand-out name and you can be sure of top quality, high performance and trend-led design.

Their worktops help to create a premium look and feel with decors and textures that mimic solid wood, stone and ceramic but with all the hardwearing, hygienic, and easy to care for benefits of laminate.

They offer two distinct worktop ranges: Contemporary and Premium, so whatever look you’re aiming for they’ve something to fit the bill.

The Contemporary Range has been developed to reflect the latest colour palettes for kitchens in wood grain, ceramic and stone finishes. And if you want a coordinated look, matching upstands and splashbacks are also available. Many worktop designs also have matching melamine faced chipboard available, allowing you to create a coordinated kitchen design for end panels, door frontals or shelving.

In the Premium collection, you can choose from 12 high-end designs. This is where you’ll find square edge profiles and next-generation finishes that are virtually indistinguishable from solid wood and stone.

Innovative Materials

Egger is well known for its industry-leading innovations and producing boards that not only look great but have enhanced performance qualities. Check out their latest decorative collections that include Perfect Sense lacquered boards in Matt or Gloss.

These melamine resin coated MDF boards are finished with UV coating technology to make sure they retain their high gloss and are resistant to even micro scratches.

The Matt boards come with anti-fingerprint properties, so they’ll stand up to those sticky finger marks and retain that velvety smooth surface. Or if super shine is more your style, Perfect Sense Gloss creates the illusion of extreme depth and a glass-like finish for incredible visual impact.

Of course, when it comes to a wood finish, Egger has more options than you can shake a stick at. The Egger Feelwood range provides an extremely realistic effect, full of visual and sensory appeal.

Here, wood pattern and grain work in complete harmony to create a look as close to veneer or solid wood as you can get in melamine. Real wood looks amazing in homes, adding a cosy, earthy design element. But it’s cost, weight and maintenance make it impractical for many. For those that want the appeal of wood but the manageability of melamine faced board, the Feelwood range is a great choice. Completed with an edging that gives the look and feel of sawn timber, no-one need ever know your worktop is not solid wood.

Egger Edge Banding

When it comes to the finishing touches, you can’t afford to overlook your edges. Egger produces its own edge banding to match its boards, something that not all board manufacturers do. Whether rounded or square edged, material effect or block colour, Cadre has a huge choice of Egger compatible edge banding. Here’s our choice of the best Egger edge banding…

Ceramic adds a touch of elegance to interiors, but it can be cold and unforgiving. You can achieve the same look with the benefits of melamine faced boards with this Ceramic Chalk Patterned ABS Edging, which matches Egger F312 ST87 Ceramic Chalk F 312 from the Premium worktop collection.

Concrete has become a favoured material for creating chic, urban interiors. Try this Grey Concrete Effect ABS Edging, which matches Egger F283 ST22 Boston Concrete F 283, from the Contemporary worktop collection, to achieve that wonderful tactile quality and tone of polished concrete.

The company that promises to offer ‘More From Wood’ has, of course, a fantastic range of unbelievably realistic wood effect boards. Try this Walnut Wood Effect ABS Edging to match Egger H3710 ST9 Natural Carini Walnut H 3710; Oak Wood Effect ABS Edging matched with Egger H3303 ST10 Natural Arlington Oak H 3303; or this Dark Wenge Wood Effect ABS Edging paired with Egger H3058 ST22 Mali Wenge H 3058.

For something a little different, mix up your textures. Try this Grey Patterned ABS Edging paired with Egger F426 ST10 Grey Linen F 426 for wow-factor furniture.

The Perfect Sense Matt range is technology in action – this board will stay perfectly matt thanks to its anti fingerprint properties. Pair your Egger U961 PM Graphite Grey U 961 with this Graphite Grey Perfect Matt ABS Edging for a really luxurious touch.

There’s plenty of choice when it comes to block colours, too. Thousands in fact, so whether you want to perfectly match or add an accent edge, you’ll find what you need. We love this Denim Blue Textured ABS Edging, which matches Egger U540 ST9 Denim Blue U 540.

To find out more about the benefits of ABS edge banding, check out our product page here.

So if you’re looking for innovative materials and super-realistic effects, Egger boards should be on your hit list. And when it comes to finishing your look with perfectly matched Egger edge banding, come to Edging Supplies Ltd. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our online stock list, just give our friendly expert team a call.

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