PMMA edgebanding is offered in both 2in1 (two color) and 3D (single color with translucency).

PMMA edgebanding is offered in both 2in1 and 3D

Our vision is set clear; to supply a complete solution of edgebandings to our customers.

With the addition of 2in1 / 3D PMMA edgebanding, we are now getting closer to completing the whole range of edgebandings.

2in1 and 3D edgebandings are produced from PMMA (Polymethyl Methacrylate – Acrylic). Both 2in1 and 3D edgebanding are translucent plastic products which give 3D depth to the panel (especially high gloss panels). In return, this edgebanding adds great value to the finished furniture with its 3D brilliant optical look.

Black rim PMMA Edgebanding

PMMA in 2in1

2in1 means twin edgebanding, two tone edgebanding, or two colour edgebanding.

2in1 is a special PMMA edgebanding consist of two colours. One side of it (~6mm) is a high gloss colour and the remaining part is brushed aluminum. The high gloss part has to match with the high gloss panel. When looking at it, it appears as if there is 6mm of high gloss material on the board. You can see the drawing below:

2in1 edgebanding is a product that adds a realistic depth effect to the furniture in all areas of furniture, from homes to restaurants and offices.

The 3D effect is obtained with the 1mm translucent PMMA material that is over the metallic and colour.

PMMA in 3D

3D Edgebanding is a product which has translucent PMMA over it. The 1mm / thicker layer of PMMA gives an original 3D feeling and perfect protection to the décor of edging.

3D edgebanding creates a perfect contrast to the board. For example, beech table top with a 3D beech or brushed aluminum edgebanding will create a quality look as well as increase the value of the furniture.

Production Process of PMMA Edgebanding

The production of PMMA is fascinating as well as complicated. The PMMA production requires much know-how as well as careful calculations. Extra care should be applied to keep the consistency of the product from one roll to another.

PMMA Edgebanding
PMMA Edge banding production
PMMA Edgebanding Manufacturing

All things have to be precisely measured, even 0.1mm matters.

Thanks to our latest technology of equipment, we are able to offer the consistent quality 2in1 in 3D edgebandings.

All our products including PMMA edgebandings are tested for scratch resistance and resistance to sunlight. All raw materials are carefully selected to produce the best possible product in production.

Our carefully applied primer will produce a perfect result in adhesion to the edge of boards.

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