Special Edgebandings

We supply products that can help designers is very important.

Right Product & Right Matching

With a simple touch of edgebanding, the furniture can look elegant and aesthetically appealing. To this end, we are offer a range of special edgebandings. Below, you can find all the products:

Aluminum & Brushed Edgebanding

In furniture making, there is no limit in design and materials to be used.

Gold Mirror Effect Edgebanding

Reflection in Edgebanding, Mirrow and gold mirror edgebanding.

2in1 PMMA Edgebanding

2in1 means twin edgebanding, two tone edgebanding, or two color edgebanding.

3D PMMA Edgebanding

3D Edgebanding is a product which has translucent PMMA over it.

3in1 PMMA Edgebanding

A special PMMA product 3in1 Pmma Edgebanding.

Double-Layer Edgebanding

Add different look to furniture with double-layer edging.

Pattern Edgebanding

Add value to your furniture with pattern Edgebanding.

Edgebanding for Soft Closing

A sophisticated product is specially produced to..

Bandes de chant PMMA 2 en 1

Avec l’ajout de bandes de chant PMMA 2en1 / 3D.

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