About Edging Supplies

Edgebanding is our passion; it is our life…

How it all started

Edging Supplies Ltd were set up in 2018 by Kal Sandhu and Derrick Gray with an aim to supply the Furniture Manufacturing Industry with quality products and quality service.
With 25 years of experience and knowledge of the manufacture and the use of edge-banding, we have a wealth of expertise that can help our customers choose the correct products and application processes so they in turn can offer the best finished products to their markets.

We specialise in ABS, PVC, Melamine and Veneer edge-banding as well as Hotmelt Adhesives, Cover Caps, Repair Waxes and cleaning products.

All our products are sourced from quality assured manufactures around the world, the partnerships we have with our suppliers are based on quality, service and trust this is exactly what we offer our customers.

“Our mission is to supply the highest quality edge-banding and related products to our market, meeting the demands of our customers as our number one priority”

Kal Sandhu & Derrick Gray • Directors

The Passion

Suppling edgebanding is not just a job for us, it’s our passion. For the last 25 years, we have consistently and passionately strived to meet our customers’ needs by offering superior quality products. Even though we are based in Malvern, we have huge international supply network of manufacturers that supply high quality edgebanding to us. We have built trust with our customers for over a quarter a century and we have never failed them.

Our mission has always been and will remain to ‘provide the best quality edgebanding products to our customers.’

We have simple principles which we adhere to during our operations.

Our number one priority is to creatively employ a high degree of expertise to supply high quality products that will meet our customers’ diverse needs.

Our Team

We are here to share our extensive knowledge in edgebanding

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