Zero-Line Pro Edgebanding

Zero-Line Pro edgebanding can be processed on all sort of zero-glue-line edgebanders (Laser, Hot-Air, Near-IR, Plasma, Microwave etc.). Thanks to its specially formulated functional layer, the adhesion result and the invisibility of the joint are one of the best in the industry.

A good product is the result of continues efforts and R&D

The industry never stays idle so is the developments. In our edgebanding industry, eliminating / minimising the glue line on boards have been the goal of many edgebanding machine manufacturers. Finally, the machine producers came up with a technology where the glue is the same colour of the edgebanding, and it is melted to the board; some called it ‘Laser’, ‘Plasma’, ‘NIR’, or etc.

To this end, it is developed with a co-extruded edgebanding with polypropylene (PP) plastic. Because it is produced with co-extrusion technology, unlike some other products offered in the market, the products have much better, homogenous backing. And it’s produced in jumbo roll of 250mm.

In this short-video, we explain our Zero-Line Pro edgebanding in the simplest way.

A Product for All
Zero-Line Technologies

Tested on Laser, Hot-Air, Near-IR, and Plasma applications; our specially formulated functional layer produces an invisible joint which is one of the best in the industry

In Any Colour
In Any Design

Zero-Line Pro comes in uni colour , wood colours and high gloss. Get in touch with us to receive more information and sample to test on your machine.

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