Double Layer Edgebanding

Designers work hard to come up with small details that can make a difference in the final design of their furniture.

To this end, at Edging Supplies, we are working continuously to expand our special edgebanding range. In this product range, we offer stock in 2in1, 3D, 3in1 and more products.

To the range, we added a product called ‘double-layer edgebanding’. Double-layer edgebanding is produced by co-extruding two layers of plastic together. Colours of both layers can change based on the requirement of the customer. Let’s say for a high gloss white panel, you can use 1mm thick of edgebanding. In that 1mm, you can get 0.5mm in Red in the bottom; the top would still be the identical colour as your board.

In the below, you can see some images with the product applied to a high gloss panel.

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